Running is a simple, low-cost way to build your fitness and maintain your weight. And after a year of living with the Covid pandemic, we are all in need of some good solid exercise.

Teboho Ndzuzo from our Dananda Talent team, coordinates the Regenesys Running Club, and shares the following benefits of running with us:

Before you put on those running shoes and start pounding the streets, consult your doctor, especially when you have not been engaged in strenuous cardiac activity for a while. You want to ease into this slowly. And of course all the Covid protocols apply when you go running, especially when in a group: Wear a mask, keep your distance and sanitise.

There are a number of salient benefits when you join the Regenesys Running Club, rather than run on your own.

  1. Motivation
    By joining our club and surrounding yourself with experienced, enthusiastic runner instead of depending solely on your own motivation, you’re more likely to run regularly and frequently.
  2. Consistency
    One of the best ways to become a better runner is to do it more often. Having a regular weekly daily, running routine will make sure you keep up the effort and reap the rewards.
  3. Accountability
    Running with other Regenesys folk will hold you accountable when you feel like slacking off. You won’t want to let them down, and so you show up to run. One of the main reasons why people stop running is because they lack this accountability. It so easy to spend that extra time in bed, or plop down in front of the television.
  4. Social facilitation
    When running in a group, you get caught up in the pace without realising how fast you’re going. Your body seems to find the extra energy and speed. This is because your brain encourages you to keep up with your fellow runners. Whereas, on your own, you might not push as hard, and may be tempted to turn back before you reach the turnaround point.
  5. New friendships
    One of the huge benefits of joining the Regenesys Running Club is that you will get to know your colleagues and fellow students much better. You get to meet new people who share your passion for running and exercise.

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