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Investing In Shares
You already know how important it is to start investing. What you don’t know, is what the cost of your investments may be. Two types of investments may have identical returns, but the real returns – after fees and taxes – may be significantly different. The information below will focus on the costs associated with
The argument for exercising and staying fit throughout life has been made for centuries. The choice to stay fit has a direct link to our mental and physical wellbeing. We argued in our previous piece that exercise could reduce the risk of physical illness (such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity) as
Have you thought about what sort of leader you are and what kind of leader you want to be? Being a leader is tough. Leaders direct and support the many activities and functions of an organisation so that it can achieve its goals. Leaders manage people by providing clarity of purpose, making decisions, having the
Life is unpredictable, so despite thinking you have planned for every medical eventuality and are financially covered, you can still end up financially ruined by expensive doctor’s bills which are not covered entirely by your medical aid scheme. Medical aid schemes use a price guideline (Reference Price List) issued by the Department of Health to
We have been taught that an average of 3-4 exercise sessions for 30-40 minutes weekly is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, recent studies show that a 1-minute exercise program is more effective, when practised within the framework that it was developed. How can that be, right? One-minute exercises are all I need? What
You have been in your current role for a few years now. You like the organisation, and you work well with your colleagues. But you now have bigger career aspirations, looking for greater challenges and promising career opportunities. A bit of extra money will come in useful too. But you are caught between the comfort