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Investing In Shares
You already know how important it is to start investing. What you don’t know, is what the cost of your investments may be. Two types of investments may have identical returns, but the real returns – after fees and taxes – may be significantly different. The information below will focus on the costs associated with
Life is unpredictable, so despite thinking you have planned for every medical eventuality and are financially covered, you can still end up financially ruined by expensive doctor’s bills which are not covered entirely by your medical aid scheme. Medical aid schemes use a price guideline (Reference Price List) issued by the Department of Health to
As part of our insurance policies, many of us are paying for customer loyalty benefits which we do not use, simply because we do not take the time to familiarise ourselves with the benefits we are entitled to. On your journey to achieving financial freedom, you need to make sensible investments and save up enough
Covid-19 has resulted in an unprecedented number of deaths globally. Uncertainty regarding the virus and measures implemented by governments to contain the spread of the virus has resulted in shortages of raw materials, products and labour, giving a major challenge to logistics and supply chain management. What is inflation and how is it related to
Financial services in South Africa are highly regulated and historically, banking services were dominated by the four big banks namely Absa, FNB, Nedbank, and Standard Bank.  More recently, we have seen several new entrants to the market in the form of virtual banks. The concept of digital banking is not new and has been around