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"Me? Fall for a phishing scam? Never!” You may believe you’re somewhat cybersmart, enough not to fall for a phishing scam… until you get hooked and fooled in a fateful oversight. It happens to the best of people; just pray you don’t become prey also. Statistically, it's safe to say many South Africans are unsecure
online short courses
The online learning market is growing from strength to strength, projected to be valued at $350 billion by 2025. With the massive shift from the traditional learning model to online learning accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, this could be said to be a contributor to this growth. Online learning presents great study opportunities and learning
The recent cyberattack on Transnet’s computer systems, which affected the container handling its operations and resulted in ships diverting from South African ports, is still fresh in our memories. Cybercriminals do not only target large multinationals. It does not matter if you are an individual, large, or small company, or even a government entity. As
How is Artificial Intelligence transforming business?
Introduction The term ‘artificial intelligence,’ is bandied about a great deal. Let’s take a few moments to find out what it is and how our world is changing because of it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to computer software that engages in humanlike activities, such as learning, planning and problem-solving. Artificial intelligence underpins most of what