Regenesys Continues with R1 Billion Pledge for Leaders and Entrepreneurs to Change SA
Regenesys Business School has announced that it is continuing with its highly successful ONE BILLION RAND initiative to change South Africa by developing 5000 leaders and entrepreneurs via the Digital Regenesys platform. This exciting study opportunity has been made in response to the rising number of Covid cases, a tightening of restrictions and the need
How a BBA qualification can land you your dream job
Hello, I invite you to take the following test. It will only take a moment, but it might have long and positive implications for you. Tick the statements that apply to you. I want a career in business  I want to be a leader  I want to make a difference  I want
The Regenesys HCBM

All through high school, you were looking forward to going to University. You had your career planned and you were…