A – Z Topics

As we previously discussed, earlier notions of leadership are not suited to the new and fast-changing environment we find ourselves operating in these days. The research team at Regenesys is working actively in this area and have come up with the concept of Lead 3.0. In last week’s article we gave a general overview of
Beat Inflation
In simplest terms, inflation is the reason R100 this year can buy less than a R100 last year could. Economists usually define inflation as ‘a decrease in your money’s purchasing power over time’. Focus specifically on the word ‘time’ in that definition – inflation is something that is observed with the passing of time, the
Reaching Your Fitness Goals
We have set our fitness goals and started the conversation about healthy eating habits – now we are ready to go! But where do we start? There are so many different fitness programmes out there (especially now – programmes promising that you will have your beach-body ready in 30 days). How do you know which
Domains of Lead
Our world is changing rapidly. Society, technology, and the marketplace are evolving at an ever-increasing speed. At the same time, we are dealing with the impact of Covid, a weaker economy, climate change, and energy transition. No wonder we are all a little confused and anxious as we stand on the threshold of a new
The past week has seen the local economy and the big players who operate in them buckling themselves in for a somewhat wild ride. The local government elections held on Monday also has a big effect on stock prices and companies. We’ve put together a small spotlight on the notable goings on in the SA
Taking action towards living a healthy lifestyle and making better health choices is a lifelong decision. This week we will be looking at the quantity of our food intake and the factors we need to consider when deciding when is ‘enough’ enough. We will be talking about your daily food intake, metabolism and calculating what
Leaders must look after their organisations. They must provide focus and direction, must coach and mentor, must take on competitors and changing market conditions, and must deal with ever-changing technology. While all this is going on, the organisation is evolving and changing. So, we need to do regular maintenance on our organisations in much the