Leadership Insights

Have you thought about what sort of leader you are and what kind of leader you want to be? Being a leader is tough. Leaders direct and support the many activities and functions of an organisation so that it can achieve its goals. Leaders manage people by providing clarity of purpose, making decisions, having the
You have been in your current role for a few years now. You like the organisation, and you work well with your colleagues. But you now have bigger career aspirations, looking for greater challenges and promising career opportunities. A bit of extra money will come in useful too. But you are caught between the comfort
Being a leader can be tough. You have to lead the team as well as attend to your own needs. Challenges and crises mount up and you are left bedraggled and burnt out. Most of the time, these trials are external to you. And your focus is on how to deal with them and get
As a leader and manager in your organisation, you constantly have to give attention to many moving parts to make sure they work together to produce the results required.Often it’s so easy to become immersed in the task that we forget to stand back from time to time to review what’s happening in our area
Effective Meeting
We regularly attend meetings where no one has a clear idea of what is to be undertaken, everybody talks at once, and no one is sure of what has to be done after the meeting. In a world where time has become something of a scarce commodity, executing a well-run meeting is an artform. A
Business Risk Management
It is all too easy to forget about the things that can go wrong in the course of running a business, until we need risk management. All of a sudden, a crisis hits us, and we are knocked off our feet. The Covid-19 pandemic is a good example, but there are other smaller, but no
Many business students and managers aspire to become company directors. They usually do so because of the perceived status or monetary rewards of being a director. The duties of a company director are vast and onerous. Directors have a special role to play in providing oversight of the management of the company they serve. The
Workplace conflict
Dealing with workplace conflict is an inevitable part of being a leader. Conflict can arise over a disagreement over the best way to do something (process), it can arise over access to funds or skills (scarce resources), or it can arise from deep, conflicting value systems (beliefs). The first two can be addressed by active