Fat – The Facts of it All
As with carbohydrates, the fat food group should be approached with caution as overindulgence of the food included in this group could cause serious health risks. Too much fat, especially saturated fat, could raise your cholesterol levels and increase your risk of heart disease. But let us discover the purpose of fat, the types and
Amino Acids
In the previous article, we discussed the benefits of carbohydrates and we argued that it should be an essential element in our food intake as it provides energy. Even though eating carbohydrates has been questioned and debated amongst nutritionists and scholars alike, almost everyone agrees that protein is important. But what happens in our bodies
In our previous articles, we had a general discussion about food and nutrition and followed that with information on exercise programmes. Now we are going to explore the role of carbohydrates in our nutrition. Carbohydrates, fibre, starch – a rose by any other name… Throughout the years, carbohydrates have received bad publicity and have been
Fitness Routines
Setting fitness goals and working out exactly which fitness programme is right for you and your goals is the foundation for your physical wellness. Your programme will rely on the time you give yourself to stay (or become) the best version of yourself! It is recommended that you spend at least 150 minutes a week
Keep an Eye on What You Are Drinking
This week’s article is devoted to the many daily choices we have – choices that could influence our health in the long run, choices that we might make under the impression that we are making a health-conscious decision, but in fact, are not. We all want to be more calorie conscious by making better choices,
Reaching Your Fitness Goals
We have set our fitness goals and started the conversation about healthy eating habits – now we are ready to go! But where do we start? There are so many different fitness programmes out there (especially now – programmes promising that you will have your beach-body ready in 30 days). How do you know which
Good Health
Taking action towards living a healthy lifestyle and making better health choices is a lifelong decision. This week we will be looking at the quantity of our food intake and the factors we need to consider when deciding when is ‘enough’ enough. We will be talking about your daily food intake, metabolism and calculating what