Like with any other flu, the majority of us will be infected by Coronavirus, if not already. This is unavoidable. The best we can do to fight and survive Coronavirus is to strengthen our immune system. The following are eight key activities to strengthening our immune system natural way to fight Coronavirus.

1. Rest. When we are rested, our immune system is stronger. Recommended sleep is 6-8 hours. During sleep, our immune system regenerates and strengthens to fight infections, viruses, bacteria, and all other pathogens.

2. Manage stress. When we are stressed, our immune system is weakened, and we are more vulnerable to viruses. To destress, do things that make you happy – take a long walk, practice meditation, yoga, play sport, practice art, exercise, read a book. When we are happy and relaxed, our immune system is strong.

3. Water. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Water helps to fights infections, get rid of toxins, refresh, destress, and boost energy levels. Even better than water, drink a tea made from ginger, turmeric, and lemon – this is a power drink. 

4. Food. Eat healthy food. Do not overeat or eat late at night. If you do so, do exercise or go for a walk before sleeping. Eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins C and D, and the mineral zinc. Switch to a vegetarian or even better vegan diet. Eat seasonal and locally grown food. Take a supplement of the mineral zinc, which helps develop white blood cells that fight off viruses.

5. Exercises. Exercise increases our blood circulation, opens up energy flows in our body, aid digestion, and strengthen our physical body overall. Exercise also has a positive effect on our emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

6. Positive attitude. What we think, we become. Be positive and optimistic. Say no to fears, worries, anxieties, and negative media influence. Be grateful for life. Practice compassion and kindness. Love, inner peace and happiness will strengthen your immune system. 

7. Hygiene. Practice extra hygiene. Wash your hands, nose and eyes frequently. Clean your nose internally by pouring water through one nostril until it comes through the other nostril,  and then blowing your nose, or use nose spray. Clean your throat by gargling salt water frequently.  

8. Oxygen. Practice breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs which are particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus. Hold your breath by diving underwater, practice deep breathing and hold your breath exercises, or yogic pranayama breathing exercise. Deep breathing exercises increase the intake of oxygen into our body which helps fight off infections, viruses, bacteria, and all other pathogens, by boosting the immune system. Every part of the human body requires oxygen to complete the metabolic processes that give life.

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Disclaimer: Always consult a medical practitioner before making any health change

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