Food and Health

We become what we eat. Success in our lives is very much dependant on our eating discipline. The food we eat determines our energy levels, moods, sleeping patterns, longevity, health, and wellness. Bad eating habits lead to obesity, diseases, and ultimately death. Here are seven simple eating tips to keep you healthy.

1. Eat Moderately. Stop eating before you get completely full. It takes 15 minutes for the food to convert into energy and deactivate the hunger urge. Eat to live, not live to eat.

2. Eat slowly. By eating slowly, you end up eating food in a relaxed and focused way, enjoying food more, and eating less because of the deactivation of the hunger urge. 

3. Do not eat late at night. Eat early in order to be able to digest your food before sleeping. Do not eat after 18h00, if at all possible. If you do, do some exercises or go for a long walk. If you fall asleep on a full stomach, you will struggle with digestion, go to the bathroom frequently, not sleep well, be tired the following day, and suffer from constipation.

4. Eat simple food. Do not eat too many items, too rich food, or a complex combination of food. The simpler food we eat, the easier to digest. Avoid drinking while eating to prevent diluting digestive juices.

5. Eat locally grown and seasonal food. Live in harmony with nature. Our body responds the best to locally grown and seasonal food. Eat raw food as much as possible because of its high energy content. Avoid processed food. 

6. Eat alkaline food. Eat a lot of alkaline food, which is fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. Avoid acidic food, such as meat, sugar, alcohol and processed food. Acidic food causes indigestion, which in turn causes many diseases such as obesity, cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. 

7. Fasting. Fasting has numerous benefits, not only for our physical body but also for our emotional and spiritual development. It helps us to lose our excess weight, it gives a break to our digestive organs, and it rejuvenates our body. Emotionally, fasting teaches us patience, humility, gratitude, and respect for food. Spiritually, it helps us to deepen our self-awareness, attain inner peace, harmony, love and oneness with the Universe. If you struggle to do dry fasting, do water fasting, or at least intermittent fasting. 



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