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Regenesys Continues with R1 Billion Pledge for Leaders and Entrepreneurs to Change SA
Regenesys Business School has announced that it is continuing with its highly successful ONE BILLION RAND initiative to change South Africa by developing 5000 leaders and entrepreneurs via the Digital Regenesys platform. This exciting study opportunity has been made in response to the rising number of Covid cases, a tightening of restrictions and the need
The Importance of the licence to operate has never been more critical for organisational reputation and sustainability than it is now in the time of the Covid pandemic. A credible licence to operate is the outcome of sensitive stakeholder engagement. An organisation with a strong licence to operate is in an enviable strategic position. The
Top 10 reasons to register for a BCompt degree today!
Top 10 reasons to register for a BCompt degree today! Qualifying for a Bachelor of Accounting Science (BCompt) degree is perhaps one of the best decisions you could ever make.  Why? Accounting professionals with the BCompt degree are essential to the smooth running and growth of all kinds of business enterprises and public institutions in
Certificate, diploma, and degree: The difference!
Certificate, diploma, and degree: The difference! A certificate, diploma, or degree programme? Do you want to know which one will serve you better; which one will get you a better job, the much-desired promotion, and a better income? You are not alone; many people are confused too! Frequently, people hoping to get an education and
How to build 4 long-term healthy habits.
Our long-term health is the combined effect over time of our regular daily habits. If we drink one sugary, fizzy drink on a particular day, it will have little effect on us. But consume a fizzy drink every day, over a decade or two, and the accumulation will have unfortunate effects on our health. Here
On the 24th of June 2021, MyWealth Investments hosted a webinar on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies. Spearheaded by Bronwyn Nielsen of The Nielsen Network, the panel comprised: Annatjie van Rooyen:  Chief Executive Officer of MyWealth InvestmentsDawie Roodt:  Chief Economist of Efficient GroupMarius Reitz:  General Manager of Luno AfricaChris Becker:  Blockchain Technology Lead Investec This article is the
The same principles that underlie our human health, can also be applied to the organisations in which we work. Healthy organisations attract the best people, deliver superior results and are great places to work. Organisations that actively manage their organisational health – they do not leave it to chance – report superior financial performance. Organisational
Leadership is a critical part of the success of any organisation. However, we cannot divorce the approach to leadership within the organisation from the country and the culture within which it operates. Running an office in Lagos, Mumbai or Johannesburg is significantly different from operating in London, Berlin or New York. Let us expand on
Why should you have a “life” file? Although your end of life is not pleasant to think about, it is part of life and a reality that awaits us all. Generally, when we think about death we think about funeral cover, yet we forget about the importance of keeping a filewith all our valuable documentation, included
Being fearful is inherent to the human condition. It’s the way we protect ourselves from legitimate threats, it’s how we cope with life or death situations. But for many people fear is an unavoidable daily reality. Fear comes to us in many difference guises. Some of the fears we live with are: Gender based violence