Leadership development

This is our final article in the Lead 3.0 Series. Our new world requires leadership at every level, no job does not have significant leadership attached to it. Leadership in our digital world must be transferable, repeatable, scalable, and sustainable. A modern organisation without a culture of leadership is one where people have abdicated personal
In our current series, we have been exploring the nature of Lead 3.0, and the skills and insights leaders require to be on top of the massive changes rippling through our world. Society, technology, and the marketplace are evolving at an ever-increasing speed. And on top of all that, we face the impact of Covid,
We continue with our conversation about the five domains of Lead 3.0. This week we will discuss the leadership implications of connectivity. Our new world requires each of us to engage digitally with our team members and our clients. We must be able to build trust and human connection when we can’t see people face
Leaders must look after their organisations. They must provide focus and direction, must coach and mentor, must take on competitors and changing market conditions, and must deal with ever-changing technology. While all this is going on, the organisation is evolving and changing. So, we need to do regular maintenance on our organisations in much the
Mental toughness is a state of mind embodied in a refusal to be intimidated, a determination to succeed despite a setback, and proficiency in controlling emotions and persisting under severe pressure. Mental toughness is embodied in individual resilience and confidence. It is correlated with success in sport, education and the workplace.  We live in difficult
Being a leader can be tough. You have to lead the team as well as attend to your own needs. Challenges and crises mount up and you are left bedraggled and burnt out. Most of the time, these trials are external to you. And your focus is on how to deal with them and get
The craft of leadership cannot be divorced from the context in which leadership is exercised. The ability to lead effectively relies on a number of key skills and leaders have very different characteristics and styles. And because of or in spite of these very different characteristics, some leaders produce extraordinary achievements over their lifetime. There is no
All organisations aspire to be great and to achieve great things. And to achieve greatness, these organisations require great people who embody, practice, and deliver that greatness. It is the united and concerted actions of many individuals and teams at every level of the organisation, that make the accomplishment of great achievement possible. All persons